Nightlife and the beer bars.

Beer Bars Pattaya, Thailand

Entertainment beer bars in Pattaya.

Nightlife in this great tropical town at One of the open air bars in this fun paradise city, great holiday destination for many Westerns.

Beer Bars in Pattaya, Thailand
Famous nightlife entertainment.

Great bars for your nightlife entertainment, here you find some nice venues in this never sleeping city. Beer bars and party venues from the North to the South, from the East to over the Sukhumvit road. The famous nightlife with his many open air entertain places. This guide gives you the greatest places to hang around in this amazing town. Find your relaxing place to enjoy your night out in one of the famous places in the world.

Well know open air bars at the greatest Adult Play Ground in the world.

Enjoy the famous nightlife with his Thousands venues all around town. Open air bars with a few Thai hostesses and service girls to have a great night out or just a start for a drinking night out in this fantastic vibrate city. It's full of this small, medium and also large bars, the most with some dance poles to have a great party with the always partying Thai girls. Just top places to drink, great places to hang around and have some night fun in this hot and tropical city with his Thai ambiance and hot atmosphere.


Closed and open entertain venues.

The open air bars are growing same the hotels in this holiday resort. Some shut down and closed and at the other side of the street there are again some new Ones open to enjoy. Great places to hang around and have a game, chat and a drink with One of the bar girls. There is always a place to sit down where you enjoy. There are many choices in and around the city. It's full with different styles of girls entertainment bars and club, enjoy the time if you be here in this excellent fun city.

Pattaya Beer Bars

Bar complexes and entertainment venues.

In this great town you can find many bars, party bars and beer bars. From Jomtien to the famous Walking Street and from Soi Buakhao to Naklua. All around in this city you find nice beer bars to have a drink in tropical paradise. Beer bar drinking venues, at the most popular town in this beautiful country for his famous night life.

Find your favorite open air bar in Pattaya fun town.

Find your open bar in to have a great night out. Enjoy your stay in your holiday destination and hang around at one of the best beer bar places in this city.

Night life entertainment in the famous beach resort.

Entertainment in fun city with the Pattaya girls.

Find the greatest and nicest beer bars and party bars in this amazing going out city. Take a look at this site and you will find the best places to have a great night out in this fun town.

Some like pubs, some like the coyote clubs, some like the go go bars and many just like to sit down at an open beer bar and have fun with the lovely charming Thai hostesses.

Find Your Thai Love

Anna Jet: Budget guesthouse and DJ bar. Just a few minutes from the beach in central Pattaya.

ANN's Angels: Bar on Soi Khao Talo in East Pattaya (The Dark Side). Big bar with comfortable sofas and classic lounge feeling.

Armageddon: A great place at Soi LK Metro. An experience to remember, with nice guest house rooms in in amazing city.

Atlantic: Popular bar filled with expats and tourists. A bar with a pleasant atmosphere, great fun and where the girls are real friendly with beautiful hostess in the North of the city.

Barracuda: Guarantee your visit to be unforgettable in Naklua, bar and First class room accommodations in the North.

Beer garden: Beer garden in the South of the city with many Thai ladies welcome you at this free lance place, a great spacious meeting place for tourists and expats.

Blue Room: Nice place located in Soi Buakhaw, between the Second Road and Third Road.
Buffalo: Between The Village and Soi Bongkot on the Third Road, opposite the fire station. The famous Buffalo, nice and ideal place to enjoy.
Cherry: Two beer bars located at Soi 8 in the heart of the night life in the center. Entertain top venue to have a night of fun in the crazy and exciting city.
Climax: Located at the Walking Street. Rock venue in town. Rock bar with class music, a great and nice entertainment with good rock music.

Cosy: An unique place with a difference in Jomtien. A different bar, the Cosy bar, unlike any other entertainment places.

Daokai: Located next to the Made in Thailand market at the second road in Central Pattaya. Enjoy one of your nights out at this good place to have a drink and fun.
Easy bar 17: The Easy bar, situated at the Sirens boxing centre in the South. The Easy bar, located near the beginning of the Walking Street at the Beach Road.
King's: The King's bar in the city at the popular Soi 8. Venue in the centre of the city at the amazing Soi 8 nightlife, in the middle of the famous entertainment.
Maxies: The Maxies bar at the famous Walking Street. The Maxies bar in the great famous Walking Street, located in the heart of the night life.
Nana: Bar and massage, Nana bar at the Third Road. On the way to the South near the intersection with the South Pattaya Road.
Night Wish: Premium bar in Soi 6. One of the best kept secrets, bar with a difference. Located at the famous Soi 6 on the second road in center of this amazing city.
Noi's: Bar at Soi Khao Noi in the East. The bar at the other side of this town. Located at the Dark side of the city.
O ST bar: A great ST bar in Soi 6. Bar in Soi Six, the well know street in this fun city. Have a good time at the "O" bar in Soi Six.
Party bar: Bar in Soi 8 in the center. One of the greatest and funniest party bars. Air conditioned bar on the well know Soi 8 with trendy music.
Pook: Outside bar and an air conditioning inside bar at Pook in Soi Buakhao. Well know lady boy coyote dancing bar in the city. Pook coyote dancing lady boy's bar.
Lady Boy's bar: Located in Soi Six at the first floor. Pook lady boy bar, located on the well know and famous Soi Six in party town. Lady boys entertainment venue.
House of Rock: The place to hang out, comfortable air conditioned music and sports bar and guest house with a warm friendly atmosphere.
Rolling Stone: The Rolling Stone bars, The Stones bars 1 & 2. Located both at the well know Walking Street. Great night life entertainment.
Roo: Located in the Walking Street, situated on the popular Walking Street. A great night out in famous city.
Roxy: The number one bar in Soi 6. The Roxy ST bar is a great place in the city. Great entertainment in Soi Six in fun town.
Ryan's: Bar in the North. Naklua's Number One bar and great and nice guest house rooms in Naklua.
Saigon Girl: Welcome to the Saigon bar in Soi Six. Bar at the well know Soi Six in fun city. The only bar that has it all in this great entertain street.
Scandinavia: Located on the nice Beach road between Soi 13 and the well know Soi Yamato. Scandinavia beer bar. One of the oldest bars in the great city.
Siam Cats: The Siam Cats in Jomtien, bar and Guesthouse. The Siam Cats bar and guest house in the heart of the beautiful and relaxing Jomtien.
Soho: Welcome to Soi Six, come and enjoy the party. A bar with nice and beautiful Thai hostess at the Soho bar in Soi 6 (Yodsak).
Take Care: Bar at the bottom of the Buddha hill. Great entertainment bar Jomtien. The Take Care bar on the way to Jomtien Beach.
U Too: The well know U Too Bar is a relaxing hassle free bar in North. Located at the Second Road. Open fronted bar U Too, famous bar.
Up 2 U: Located at the Soi Diana Inn in the Central of this City. Up to you beer bar on Soi Diana Inn in the heart of this great amazing city.
Ziggy's: Located in Simon Drinking Street at the second road in North. Well know Ziggy's party bar, great entertainment venue.

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